Human Trafficking And Smuggling Of Migrants

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In the article “Human Trafficking and Smuggling of Migrants”, the issue that is brought on by the author Jeniffer Rankin is tighten of regulation in some country increase the smuggling of migrants and leads to human trafficking. Sadly, it is one of the major causes that make a crime widespread freely in the country and could threaten the citizen. The author’s agree that trafficking and smuggling of migrants are serious cases and internally affected on crime if the country does not taking serious about these problems. The author shows or demonstrates her bias against the Human Trafficking and Smuggling of Migrants. She conveys her negative views through words such as darker side, cross border legally, crime, vulnerable to exploitation, prosecution. The author begin her argument by stated a research finding to support her argument. She mentions that researches from United Nations Office on drugs and crime stated criminal activities of smugglers weaken the capacity of countries to safeguard their own authority to combat crime and corruption. Moreover, the author is taking victim personal experience to support her argument by survivor share his harrowing tales of their ordeals; people crammed into windowless storage spaces or forced to sit still in urine or seawater. To further support her argument by stating the example, she …show more content…

The author generally appears to be deductive in her reasoning as she provides all the support. An example of deductive reasoning is based on paragraph I which is started with the major premise that is global migration is one of the great by-product of globalization. Then the authors state the minor premise which is global migration is a set of interrelated “push” and “pull” factor. Besides, the author’s tone is neutral tone which is matter-of-fact and her intended audience is the

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