Human Trafficking Is A Modern Day Form Of Slavery

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Do you know what human trafficking is? Well, human trafficking is just another name for modern slavery. Different medias, like television shows and movies, make it look like human trafficking only happens in foreign countries or to foreign citizens. That however, is dangerously untrue. It is one of the biggest crime industries in America, behind drug and arms dealing. It’s happening right in our backyard, human trafficking is extremely prevalent in big American cities and states with international borders and national highways.
“Sex Trafficking is a modern-day form of slavery in which a commercial sex act is induced by force, fraud, coercion, or in which the person induced to perform such an act is under the age of 18 (5-stones).” 80 …show more content…

Labor trafficking is much harder to identify and is not reported on, as much as sex trafficking, because outside people will think that the workers are paid and will dismiss them. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that it occurs less than sex trafficking. On the contrary, global estimate of labor trafficking cases are higher than the estimate of sex trafficking. The United States has many different laws to prevent labor trafficking. For example, children under eighteen have to have a working permit, signed by their parents, to work.
There is an unfortunate misconception that comes with the subject of human trafficking. The misconception is that all victims of human trafficking are foreign women. Though it is true that most cases consist of women and children, 20 percent of cases are men and it is horrible to forget them. There are just as many United States citizens trafficked as there are foreign citizens. The most vulnerable citizens from the states are the homeless teens that ran away from a physically or sexually abusive family. “One in three runaways will be lured toward ‘prostitution’ within 48 hours of leaving home (5-stones).” The runaways are scared and hungry, and many of them would be mentally and physically scarred. They might go with the traffickers because they were promised food, shelter, and kindness. That, unfortunately is as far from the truth as they could get. The victims are, in

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