Human Trafficking Is an Inhumane Act of Mankind Essay examples

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Human trafficking can be dated back to pre-historic times. Slavery, a cruel form of human trafficking, lasted in the United States of America for over two centuries. Even after slavery stopped existing, human trafficking remains to be a problem worldwide. Many people have come to believe that this human act only occurs in third world countries but there are about 50,000 people trafficked a year in the United States. Human trafficking is an inhumane act of mankind and is an issue that a lot of Americans need to be aware of. Hollywood films and "exaggerated" media productions don't really show the full side and terrible effects of human trafficking. There are two types of trafficking. One of them is known as labor trafficking and…show more content…
Paloma was also told by the con man that if she escaped, her younger sister would be killed. Like in Paloma’s situation, most of the victims are unable to escape because the traffickers use their loved ones in order to threaten them. The main problem about human trafficking is that people believe most of the cases to be untrue because they are not able to see the trafficking happening. Unlike in times of slavery, most of the forms of human trafficking now happen indoors or underground. There are 12.3 million victims of human trafficking worldwide. In the United States of America, there are 18000-20000 people who are victims of human trafficking ever year. The bad part about it is that even in our Oklahoman community, there are many cases of human trafficking happening every single day. There is one case in Oklahoma that just happened the other day. The Oklahoma Police department arrested a man named Philip Gatson who was involved in the cruel act of human trafficking. Gatson and a woman named Sylvia Watson, were caught outside a gas station that is in NW 122nd Street and Macarthur. Just about two miles from where our school is. The two were found with a 17 year old girl who was listed on the national crime database as a victim of sexual human trafficking. Gatson was only 23 years old, an age that someone would not expect to be involved in such matters. The police had also arrested him in an operation known as
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