Memo On Human Trafficking

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Memo #5: Global Perspectives, April 9TH 2017, Iman Albarakat This week we talked about issues that occurred around the world. We talked about human trafficking, the issues of surrogacy and global warming. On the issue of human trafficking, David Hodge and Cynthia Lietz tell us how sexual trafficking is a big issue globally and how it’s a million-dollar industry. They talked about human trafficking happens on such a broad level and the fact the government can’t really keep track of the numbers because it’s integrated into the background that no one really see’s it with their eyes. Sharmila Rudrappa speaks about surrogacy issues in India and how surrogacy has become so common that it’s become almost an assembly structure. Surrogacy in India …show more content…

It was people in poverty who needed money so that they can pay off a debt and so they became surrogates. Sexual trafficking agencies lured women in by claiming that they were employment, modelling or marriage agencies who offered access to better lives in another richer country. Another way they were recruiting women was to approach women who were already prostituting themselves and promising them of doing similar work in “wealthier” nations. All in all, you wouldn’t really find anyone of the upper class in a sexual trafficking case, and if you did it would be an …show more content…

The thing with trafficking is that it happens in such grey areas that it’s not easily detectable. I think the government should focus on helping women and children so that they never have to fall into such a horrible predicament. And if it was happening still, we should have better ways in detecting it and ending all these prostitution rings. One way that is effective is training flight attendants in detecting the symptoms of trafficking and stopping while it’s on a transportation level. Hearing about that Alaskan airlines attendant who helped save a 14-year-old girl mid-flight was truly eye-opening for me, because it made me realize that these things were happening right under our noses and if we were all trained to look for the characteristics we would help save so many women and children from these horrible

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