Human Trafficking Reflection

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Human trafficking is a powerful word with a lots of meaning. When I walked into the conference my mind was set to learn and get some insight what was human trafficking? and how the state is dealing with this problem? Also how I can help? The whole conference was an eye opening movement that gave me goosebumps and an urge to help. The whole conference introduction from Jeremy Norwood, then hearing from the state Represent and later attending three workshops, which involved lectures from Dave Manville, Matt Osborne and Deja Williams. Also it was interesting hearing from A survivor Joyce Haskett. It was a conference that wraps the whole idea of human trafficking. During the conference I learned a lot, for example the introduction Norwood began by defining Human trafficking I knew there was sex trafficking, but I forgot there is labor trafficking in this world. I also learned the three main words Force, Fraud and Coercion. During his interview Norwood talked about “human trafficking exists because people believe it doesn't happen where we live” I think that what makes human trafficking to spread its the roots of this distinct crime where civil people behave like a good family by ruining this disgusting plan. I also learned about the different types of venues sex trafficking it is kind of scary to think because people who run this scam and can be low key about their locations and we could be living next to this horror and won't have a clue. I realized if I see something

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