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Through criticism toward cruel rule of aristocrats and bloody revolution of people and praise humanity, A Tale of Two Cities by Dickens demonstrates his humanistic thinking perfectly. Main figures’ experiences and analysis of their characters is an important aspect to understand the theme this novel reveals. Key words: Dickens A Tale of Two Cities Humanism Humanity Humanism is an important subject in Charles Dickens’ works. Among his many famous works, A Tale of Two Cities is the most outstanding one which vividly expresses the author’s humanistic thinking. A Tale of Two Cities, based on the background of the French Revolution, shows brutal social reality and sharp conflicts between classes in France and England at that time.…show more content…
Lucie, Manatee’s daughter and Darnay’s wife, is embodiment of love. She tried her best to take care of her fragile father. Owing to her deep love, Dr. Manette could forget agony past and return to normal life. She is also a virtuous wife. She loves her husband so much that when knowing him in great trouble in France, she gave up peaceful life in London and left for terrible Paris immediately. She did everything she could to rescue her husband, and even begged Madame Defarge for pardon. Out of the belief that Darnay might see her, she insisted on standing on the opposite of the prison for two hours everyday no matter it was fair weather or bad one. Lucie not only held deep love to her family and friends, but also showed her compassion and sympathy to surrounding people. When Darnay was still a stranger for her, she showed deep concern to him, as said in the book, “Her forehead had been strikingly expressive of an engrossing terror and compassion that saw nothing but the peril of the accused. This had been so very noticeable, so very powerfully and naturally shown, that starers who had had no pity for him were touched by her”(①p54). To Carton, Lucie also expressed genuine concern and love and swept for his despair and depression. As she told her new-married husband, “He has a heart he very, very seldom reveal, and that there are deep wounds in it……I’m sure he is capable of

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