Humanity In Post Apocalyptic Films

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During the 2000’s, the word apocalypse petrified and frightened humanity around the world knowing that the world will soon come to an end. Post-Apocalyptic films illustrated the importance of catastrophic events as the films worked their way up into popular media during the 2000’s and how the world itself changed creating diverse conspiracies and predictions on how and when our planet will come to an end, which frightened humanity. The 2000’s are when post-apocalyptic films began to explode in popularity. Due to environmental and social trends which became popular during that time period, these movies showed the importance that humanity will survive no matter what apocalypse may come. The major focus of these films is to show and give humanity…show more content…
Technology has failed to save the world during a failed climate-change, but has saved the remnants of life who are carried on an ever running, nuclear-powered, mile-long train called the Snowpiercer. The train travels around the globe on a 24 000-mile circuit covering earth’s frozen continents where a class system emerges. The movie was used to signify to the viewers that mankind will do whatever it takes to survive and ensure the safety of their loved ones. During the 2000’s, humanity was frightened to know that the world will soon come to an end. Films such as the Snowpiercer gave the audience courage and the will power to not lose hope in times like this. However, a sense of heroism is needed as well as a sacrifice for the well-being of the world. Showing that Curtis as a leader who faces many struggles to reach his goal and give his people equal treatment influences the audience watching the movie be just as heroic as he is and combat alongside many others who also want to be heroes. The film aptly sums the act of heroism when Curtis stands up for his people and leads them to the front of the train to get justice. Curtis figures out a plan to find Namgoong Minsu who designed the doors of the train. He figures out that the guards have no bullets in their guns and that leads him to fight his way through each door to free Namgoong and his daughter from the cell. Curtis portrayed many heroic acts which persuade the viewers of the film to do the same and be a leader during harsh times in an apocalyptic situation. Sacrifice is also needed while managing to survive in apocalyptic situations. In apocalyptic situations, sacrifice is needed to protect one’s family or their loved ones. Sacrifice is shown in Snowpiercer when Edgar is shot in the head, allowing Curtis to capture Mason which will lead the group to the front of the engine. This emphasizes Edgars courage which
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