Humans Have The Highest Iq

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Humans have the highest IQ; but animals have vastly more commonsense. How so? Let 's consider various settings, starting with one we all share - time and space.


Wake Up: Animals will wake up when their biological clocks tell them it 's time to wake up. Humans wake up when the alarm clock rings!

Going to Sleep: Animals go to sleep when their biological clocks tell them to go to sleep (including catnaps). Humans go to sleep after their favourite TV program finishes, like the late, late show! Humans push the boundaries and often refuse to rest even when their bodies tell them it 's desirable. An afternoon catnap ultimately increases productivity, but how many workplaces encourage napping (even briefly) on the job?

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Humans however will often try to possess and rule over as much territory, property, as possible, sometimes for economic (investment) reasons; often for sheer power for the sake of power. Humans are rarely satisfied with what they control - they always want more and More and MORE. [See also: Domination]


Possessions: Animals have no urge to acquire things, other than that required for survival (like building a nest or storing away food for the winter). Humans - well, what 's the expression, "keeping up with the Jones family" or "shop till you drop"!


Eating #1: Wild animals, who don 't know when and where their next meal might come from, will make hay while the sun shines. Humans, even when they know where and when their next meal comes from, will still over indulge, especially on certain festive or special occasions. [See also: Obesity]

Eating #2: An animal, assuming food is available, will eat when it is hungry - a natural state of affairs. A human will eat according to a schedule, at fixed times, when the dining room is open, when the office clock and the boss says "go to lunch now", regardless of need - an artificial (phoney) state of affairs.

Eating #3: A wild animal eats natural foods, as Mother Nature (natural selection & evolution) intended it should. Humans tend to eat processed foods, full of preservatives and other artificial

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