Humans Vs Chimpanzees Research Paper

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Humans vs. Chimpanzees
Humans and chimpanzees share a lot similarities but also show many differences between the two. While some of the differences between humans and chimpanzees are noticeable, the similarities of the two are pretty eye catching. Humans and chimpanzees have a lot of similarities but there are certain differences that tell them apart. Three comparing and contrasting points that make humans and chimpanzees who they are, are their behaviors, skeleton structure, and their close characteristics.
First off the behaviors of the chimpanzee and human very close but share some differences. One behavior chimpanzees share with humans are the Aggressive behavior. One example of aggressive behavior that humans and chimpanzees are known …show more content…

Chimpanzees use there opposable thumbs just as humans do, this means that their thumbs can hold objects in the position opposite to their attached fingers. One characteristic that chimpanzees do not share with humans are their facial structure. Chimpanzees have prominent eye ridges, flattened nose, a very large jaw, and thin lips. As with humans their facial structure contains small eyebrow ridges, protruding nose, a flattened jaw, and large lips. Chimpanzees share the fingernail trait that many other mammals do not share with humans. For example, most of the other mammals such as big cats, bears, and dogs all have sharp claws at the end of the finger. As with chimpanzees and human share flatter fingernails with a sensitive palmer surface. Another characteristic human and chimpanzees do not have in common is the amount hair their bodies. Humans have a limited proportion of hair covering their skin. One example would be, for human hair it is only more common to grow on certain parts of the body such as, head, armpits, and genitals. As with chimpanzees they have dense hair that covers most of their body except, the face, feet, and the surface of their hands. Finally the last characteristic they share are single pair of mammary glands. As with dogs, cats, and other smaller mammals, they tend to have multiple pairs of mammary glands. But with humans and chimpanzees they share one pair of mammary glands. Another characteristic they do not have in common are the way they walk. As humans are known to stand and walk on two feet, as where the chimpanzee shuffles around on all fours. Humans walk like this, because their legs are longer than their arms and have the ability to straighten the knee. Chimpanzees have longer arms than humans and their knees stay

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