Humorous Wedding Speech: Are You Ready For It?

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An unbelievable decision Are you ready for it? Can you imagine, after over sixty-three years of reigning, our Queen abdicates? She ascended the throne on 6th February 1952 when her father King George VI passed away. This had to become King after his brother (Edward VIII) had abdicated. Better late than never! It is official, she is stepping down but do we know the original reason? Well, there are several rumors but none of them are relevant! A storm in a tea cup or could this matter turn out to be very serious? I may as well tell you that all the English feel concerned and a bit under pressure.. Nevertheless, let’s not forget that it is the longest reigning monarch in history and our Queen was willing to take the throne by announcing …show more content…

But let’s face it, Kate is beautiful, elegant, charismatic and smart, she would be a perfect fit as the new Queen. Nevertheless, in order for William to feel more able to become the new English King and to have enough experience, he needs more time. Another significant issue is that if Prince William succeeded the Queen, there would be a problem of an infant heir (George) unless we find baby George a fashionable XXS crown!! Sorry girls, our cute George is way too young for any kind of …show more content…

Being a king involves being in contact with English and international media but Prince William publicly stated his dislike for the press which may be caused by his parents’ divorce and his mother’s tragic death that were strongly represented in the media for many years. That is an issue, since, ,let’s be honest, we are fan of media and gossip! Prince Charles on BBC weather, hoping that the “reign” will end… Everyone does not agree with the idea of Prince William and Kate becoming our King and Queen but instead having Prince Charles, Her Majesty’s son, and his wife, Camilia, taking over the throne. Despite the public’s preference, it is very unlikely that Charles would give up the throne but this is just a rumour... however, Prince Charles has always been educated to become King throughout his life. But wouldn't it be better to skip a generation for the sake of keeping the royal family relevant, vital and trendy? As you probably know, Prince Charles has a lot of experience when it comes to royal affairs. He supports the Queen and represents her both in the United Kingdom and other countries all over the

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