Hurricanes : Disastrous Forces That Destroying Homes And Families

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Hurricanes are disastrous forces that destroy homes and families. Making life harder for those already suffering or completely obliterating the financial status of a family. Not to mention the issues it can cause for local wildlife among damage to humans. Hurricanes need two ingredients to form: warm ocean water and wind. There are four stages of a hurricane, depending on the wind speed: tropical disturbance, tropical depression, tropical storm, and hurricane. They first begin as tropical disturbances near the equator, where the temperature of the ocean water is at least 80 degrees Fahrenheit and winds are blowing approximately 23 miles per hour or less across the ocean surface. The wind causes water to evaporate and rise, forming cumulonimbus clouds. As evaporation and condensation continue, these clouds become larger and higher. Winds pick up to between 23 and 38 miles per hour, where the storm has become a tropical depression. Warm air rises and leaves the area with lower air pressure. Areas with higher air pressure move into the low pressure area. Then this warm air rises and more surrounding air moves in to take its place. The system of clouds and wind grow, fed by ocean water evaporating. As the system spins in a circle, an eye forms that is of low pressure. Higher pressure air from above flows into the eye of the storm. When winds reach 39 miles per hour, the storm is called a tropical storm. When winds reach at least 74 miles per hour, the storm is considered a

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