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Huxley's Brave New World

Today, in 21st century United States, people are concerned with the fast pace of new and growing technology, and how these advances should be used. In the last decade alone we have seen major advancements in technology; in science, cloning has become a reality, newer, more powerful drugs have been invented and, in communications, the Internet has dominated society. There is a cultural lag due to the fast rate of increasing technology, and while the governments of the world are trying to keep up their role as censors and lawmakers, we as individuals are trying to comprehend the effects it has on our lives. Will these advances enhance our lives to an unprecedented level of comfort, or lead to the loss …show more content…

While in the tubes the destiny of any individual has already been set. Through the use of use of oxygen, alcohol and hormones the child?s intelligence is shaped to fit the level assigned to him, Alpha (as the highest class) to Epilson (the lowest class). After birth the government is constantly conditioning children so they will know their place in the world. With the loss of mothers and fathers, the children learn all of their norms and values from the same source, the government. With the destruction of family, the government has prevented the largest source of human emotion: family love. There are no more emotional ties to anyone, even sex is turned into a purely physical act. This lack of intimacy, or emotional ties to others, is the key ingredient for stability in Brave New World. Deep emotions of any kind are dangerous in this utopian world because they can?t be regulated or controlled.

If for any reason, in the Brave New World, one starts to feel their individuality, the emptiness of their life, or loneliness, there is always soma. Soma could be our equivalent to a combination of Prozac and Ecstasy, but with no side affects other than you might sleep in too late. Citizens are encouraged to take soma whenever they feel out of sync with their world. The idea of giving these drugs to all seems ridiculous, but is in theory quite common today. In the United States, it

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