Hybrid Energy Using Solar And Wind

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Hybrid energy using solar and wind
Sustainable conservation

Abstract Hybrid energy systems are being used in rural areas as the advances in renewable energy technology are increasing. Hybrid power consist of two or more renewable energy sources used collectively to provide efficient and balanced energy supply. If multiple energy storage devices with complementary performance characteristics are used together, the resulting hybrid system can reduce the cost of energy storage over single storage system dramatically. Renewable energy i.e. energy generated from wind, solar, biomass, hydropower, geothermal and ocean resources are considered as technological option for generating clean energy. Although energy generated from
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Therefore a hybrid system of solar and wind energy is produced to gain maximum output from both the resources. With increasing concern of global warming, these sustainable energy resources can help us preserve earth for future generations.

Literature survey It has been observed in the past few years that the world is moving towards non-conventional energy to reduce pollution and save earth from pollution. Many efforts has been made to reduce pollution like, use of solar energy, wind energy and hydro energy. However out of the three, use of solar energy is widely used today. But due to inconsistent light rays of sun and also improper flow of wind during different weather condition it is quite difficult to have one energy at a time. So we have proposed a new method of storing both solar and wind energy at a same time and use it collectively to produce a large amount of energy which is much greater than the solo solar and wind energy. Ideally hybrid power is generated using Solar and wind turbine where amount of sunlight falling on the solar panel depends upon the rotation of the earth around the sun. So it is quite difficult to capture sunlight throughout the day. So we have proposed a method to rotate the solar panel according to the rotation of the sun which helps in obtaining solar energy throughout the day. This eliminates the need for rotation of solar
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