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USA over a Barrel The cost of a barrel of oil this summer reached a record high of nearly $100. How has this happened and how much higher could oil go? The United States dependence on foreign oil is at an all time high. Nations supplying this oil are pumping at a record pace and maximum capacity. If any of these nations fail to supply the U.S. because of a terror attack or bad relations, the economy would be negatively impacted. How can the U.S. reduce dependence on imported fuels and diversify our energy supply? In recent months, the new focus is the investment in research and development of alternative or renewable energy. Google has announced its plans to spend tens of millions of dollars in 2008 on the project known as Renewable …show more content…

On the other hand, both renewable energies compete for land uses. The wind turbines produce noise and kill birds and bats. Some problems exist with alternative energy, that’s why it is urgent to research and develop this technology today. Solar Power The sun is a massive burning ball of hydrogen that outputs gigantic quantities of energy every second. Sunlight is an excellent energy source and the future of using solar power is very exciting. The Sun's energy can be used to heat and cool buildings, generate electricity, operate communication, and GPS systems and even power solar cars. The sun’s energy is clean and solar panels used to harness the energy are low maintenance. Wind Power Wind can play a major role in the solution to global warming. Constantly, the wind is blowing and is being wasted. Wind is also a domestic, unlimited energy source that produces no emissions, requires no fuel, and consumes no natural resources. Wind is relatively immune to inflation because it does not rely on any other fuel source. No single energy source can alone meet the USA’s electricity needs, and wind is making a steadily growing part to our electricity supply. We Need to Act Now At a time when America is hampered by growing demands for electricity, higher energy costs, and climate change and national security concerns, a cornerstone of any energy bill should be to promote renewable energy. “The Renewable Electricity Standard (RES)--which would require

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