Hyper Attentive Summary

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In Hyper and Deep Attention: The Generational Divide in Cognitive Modes by N. Katherine Hayles, focuses on the effects that bring with advanced technology. In Hayles article she explains the various ways on how people are thinking has technology advances. Hayles goes on to differentiate in those who can stay focused on one subject for a long period of time, and for those who have a more ‘hyper attention’ who need to switch in different types of tasks so they don't get as bored easily. Hayles continues to explain that as technology progresses, the more our brains will want to re-wire themselves to become more ‘hyper attentive’. When one is ‘hyper attentive’ they seem to prefer multiple tasks and multiple amounts of information because these people seem to want a more high level of …show more content…

These people are the type of people that can and will only focus on one single particular item that must be finish in one sitting in order to feel satisfied. Has i continued to read Hayles article, she states that even these two traits are a problem, Hayles finds herself seeing that these two complete different traits might after all have some great benefits when it comes to the work force. Hayles discovered that those people who were more deeply attentive were superb at solving difficult and complex problems. Yet on the reverse side, for those who were more hyper attentive, could not stay nor change whenever the environment around them changed. However, Hayles realized that was these type of people need were jobs where they would required fast and multiple people around them. Hayles resulted in idea that as current generation keeps growing, the more our brains well try to re-wire itself, resulting in becoming more ‘hyper attentive’ civilians. Hayles believed that one reason this ‘hyper attentive’ effect works so easily is because it is often confused for ADD or

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