Death: A Hyperobject In The Background, Yet Feared By Many

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Death: A Hyperobject in the Background, Yet Feared by Many Hyperobjects are events so immense that they can only be seen in bits and pieces. As Timothy Morton argues, these hyperobjects can include global warming, capitalism and even, I would argue, death. The novel White Noise by Don Delillo is a work of literature that suggests that death might in fact be a hyperobject. Throughout the novel, Delillo uses the emotions of the characters Jack, Heinrich, and Orest to support the suggestion that death is a hyperobject. Death can be further strengthened as it plays a significant role in the novel as an underlying theme. Death itself becomes part of the white noise of the novel as its invisible but ever present nature follows the same characteristics of noise. This is crucial, though, since this idea intertwines with why death is put all throughout the novel. Morton’s concept of the hyperobject helps us to understand the way Delillo represents death in the novel as a force that is present in everyday life and the more one tries to pull away, the more the hyperobject, in this case death, pulls you in. Throughout the novel, Delillo uses his characters to explain that death is the white noise of the novel. White noise is noise containing different frequencies with equal intensities. Death being white noise correlates to Morton’s property of a hyperobejct being nonlocal. Nonlocality is the idea that even though an object might not affect a given person, it still continues in other

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