I Am A Baseball Field

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Everybody has a special place that means so much to them every time the set foot there. My special place just so happens to be a baseball field. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a particular field, it’s just that every time I set foot on one I think of all the memories made when playing the game and of all the friends I have made because of it. I have been playing baseball for practically my entire life and along the way have learned a lot of life lessons because of it. A few fields that specifically stand out to me are Cooperstown Dreams Park and Wenatchee Valley College baseball field. A baseball field is very unique. The smell of the fresh cut grass on game day and the feeling of the dirt under your cleats are something only baseball players can describe. Every time I set foot on the field for a game, it always feels like the first time with the pre-game jitters and adrenaline rush of the first pitch. Going to a baseball field at any level from little league or to a professional game, I just love to take in all of the excitement and fun while enjoying every play made because baseball is easily the greatest game ever invented. A baseball field isn’t necessarily loud like a football game, but it is also relaxing to where you can sit and enjoy the weather and enjoy conversing with whoever you are there with all while watching a great game played by kids or adults. That’s the atmosphere that I like, and that’s another reason a baseball field is my place of comfort.
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