I Am A Firm Believer

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When it comes to life, some of us seem to have a predefined script that we’re expected to follow. The motives for such expectations may be diverse. In some cases, it could be because of long standing family traditions. In others, it might be due to cultural, social or even economic reasons. Whatever the motives, however, I am a firm believer that we are not obliged to follow such a script, and that it is up to us if we adhere to it or if we re-write it. Early in life, I consciously and determinedly took the decision of re-writing mine, from beginning to end. Coming from a family where both of my parents are physicians, it was expected of me, as their firstborn, to follow their same path. The medical profession, thus, has been something I’ve always been familiar. At age of eleven, I remember explaining my grandfather how the heart contains four different valves and how important these are for the proper functioning of our heart and body. Hospitals, doctors, syringes, and people using “daunting” terms such as cephalgia to refer to a simple headache were things I was not estrange to because, due to my parents profession, I grew up in an environment where these were very common. It was exactly my familiarity with this profession, what made me realized, when I grew up, that the practice of medicine was not my vocation. As a result, when someone asked me what type of doctor I wanted to be, I proudly answered them that I wanted to be a doctor-in-law –a lawyer. Every time I said

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