I Am A Good Thing For My Learning Process

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Being told, taught, or shown how to do something all seem very similar when it comes to the process of learning something new. In reality though, you will never truly know how to do something right until you try it yourself as well as get guidance from a peer. Although there is the option of teaching oneself on their own, you will never understand all the proper ways of use or the mechanics of the application being taught. Learning new things is the easy part, trying new things is where the true education comes from. One can be taught anything you just need the self-skills of determination, being adventurous, and discipline to focus on the task at hand. This is what will allow your leaning process to excel. In everything I have succeeded in, determination plays a huge factor. I am a very determined person and once I want to learn something I am focused on that one thing. I believe this is a very good thing for me in my learning process because it helps me focus on the task at hand. For example, at my job I was being taught how to remodel a kitchen and install cabinets for the first time; although the thought of doing it made me nervous because I did not want to mess up. The determination kicked in and I did everything in my will to follow as well as remember step by step everything I was being taught. If it was not for the focus I had on my first three days of work I would have caused many mistakes, by mistakes I mean hitting a water line, screwing into electrical wire,
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