I Am A Homicide Detective For The State Of Iowa

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It was May 16th, 2025 when I got the call asking if this was Jason and I was asked to go to small house outside of Fayette. I’m a homicide detective for the state of Iowa. When we reached the crime scene it looked like a party, but not just a regular party, it was a party of massacre. There were five victims and one survivor. The victims had six slashes and six stabs to the heart. The slashes ranged from one to three inches deep into the flesh. He also carved a satanic star in the top of each victim’s head. All this shows that the killer is psychotic, that was abundantly clear, and more than likely very dangerous to the public. I have to stop whoever did this fast before he strikes again. As I was finishing up looking threw the house to make sure there was no more evidence in the house. The whole house was full of blood splatters all over the walls. We concluded that the murderer had some sort of relation with all the victims because of how brutal the attacks were on each one.
Someone yelled, “Jason come here quick you might like what I found,”
I went over and saw a mask thought of this odd and came to the conclusion that it was the killer’s mask. I also found a bloody suit he must have worn.
After we all went outside I got a call from the hospital saying that the one survivor was out of surgery and waking up. I was asked to go down there and ask him what happened. I got there and saw that the witness was unable to talk because of the injury to the throat. I asked what his…
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