I Am A Safe Haven

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It is 6 am, and the people of the town awoke to find tons of water pouring into their already dilapidated homes with a deafening roar. Outside, winds of insane speeds battered the homes while icy, awe-inspiring yet daunting water rushed through the streets. As the water levels rose relentlessly, they struggled to escape what was once a safe haven, aware that staying behind meant certain death. The ones that could swim fought to reach the sparse high-rise buildings, but upon arriving found others already there, eliminating any chance of reaching safety. Weak, tired, and terrified, they watched as around them friends and family succumbed to the indomitable flood water. Others screamed for help that wasn’t there, on the brink of insanity. The…show more content…
The sole purpose of her existence lay in the wet bundle in her arms, and as she stared into his eyes she wished for him to live forever. She had lost her daughter in a tragic accident not too long ago, and she had no other family other than her beloved son. He began to cry, hunger and fear coursing through his body. She knew he wouldn’t last much longer, so she desperately looked around for anything to eat. Unfortunately, all she could see was water and darkness and pain and death. She would do anything for him, but now there was nothing left she could do. He was suffering, and she could not stop it. She too began to cry, her hope replaced with the cold truth. Suddenly, after hours of nothing, she heard a faint motor engine. Yes, Yes! She saw the outline of a helicopter headed her way, and she shouted and screamed and waved her arms around. They saw her and swung down a rope ladder, which she clung to desperately. But the winds, so fierce, pushed into her and the rain made her hands slippery. She tried to climb, and she saw her son shivering and barely clinging to life. “Hand, foot, foot, hand, foot, foot,” she repeated to herself like a mantra as she gradually hauled herself and her little boy up towards safety. She was so close, just a few more rungs away. But it hurt so much, and it was too slippery. She felt her son sliding out of her hands, and she screamed, suddenly aware of the inevitable. Soon she was clinging to his small arm with the tips of her fingers,
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