I Am A Traditional Chinese Girl

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I am a traditional Chinese girl. In my memory, I was always told that I was very quiet and assiduous, and I was always being commissary in charge of studies of a class from my elementary school. After 6th grade, I enrolled in an outstanding students class of junior high school with distinction score. In the junior high school, I also studied hard, it was certain that I got good grades during my junior high school. There was a turning point to me in 2011. After consulted with my parents, I decided to go to an International high school. It was a completely different educational system compare to my previous study. Because the instruction language and study mode changed, I felt difficult to adapt myself to the study life of high school. I was confused my future study goal and I fell to the bottom of my study life and school life in the beginning of my high school. In my grade ten’s summer vocation, my cousin, Edmund came back from Seattle, he was a freshman of UW in that year. He showed me some photos of Seattle, I was attracted by the Sakura in UW, they were so beautiful. He also introduced some campus details and funny stories of UW to me. From that time, UW became a worthy goal for me to strive for. I began to have more communication with my teachers and tried more study methods for my IB study. Finally, my grades became better and better, and got 41 in my final predicted score. In 12th grade, I applied UW to be a freshman, unfortunately, because the application pool was

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