I Am An Older Brother Of The House

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I love my three sisters with my huge heart, but sometimes being the man of the house can be too much to handle, especially when my sisters think they are always right. I am an older brother to Macey and a younger brother to Kalee and Kelsey. Having three sisters and no brothers is harder than most think, but it can also have the greatest advantages. Annoying, emotional, and loving are just three of many qualities I believe best describe my sisters on a day to day basis and this can make for a fun, love-hate relationship with them.
I am three years older than Macey and do not let anyone bully her. I would say I am her biggest protector. However, just like any younger sibling, she tries annoy and beat me up. I could fracture her leg with my …show more content…

To end the annoyance, I literally went into a different room so I did not end up breaking every bone within her. Even though she knows how to infuriate the crap out of me, I 'm her big brother and nobody else gets to punch her. If anyone would cross her, I would bring out my super strength and nail them in the nose. We play and punch out of love and I would never let it go too far. She keeps me on my toes and it would be pretty boring without her around the house.
Kalee is my older, middle sister and my biggest fan. However, she can also be an emotional wreck at times. Being a girl, especially twenty-two years of age, must be a little tougher than it seems. Considering the number of times she cries a week could most likely cause dangerous dehydration. I can literally look away for ten seconds, and she will go from smiling to looking like she might fall apart from crying. For example, last year she put gas in the car, which we shared, and I took the car to a friend’s house. The next day, she became furious when the gas level was a tiny bit lower than the previous day. Behind my back, she whined to our mother about how I owed her gas money and it was disrespectful to use it without asking. Eventually, I figured out she was upset and confronted her. Standing up for myself, I explained how I barely used any of the the gas and the gauge hardly moved, but she did not agree. The sobbing started and

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