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I am bisexual. Are you paying attention now? Bisexuality holds an interesting position when it comes to sexual minorities. On one hand, it's seen as the ultimate liberation: "They'll do it with hot!". But when it comes to seeking mainstream social acceptance, we can be seen as the worst in sexual perversion: "They'll do it with shameful!". There are many theories and opinions on bisexuals, some I agree with, others do not fit my definition of being bisexual. The important thing is that bisexuality is real, it's not a "transition period" to being gay, a homosexual in denial, or a person who just can't make up their mind. Being bisexual is a huge part of my identity, something that no one can take away from …show more content…

In the 90's, bisexuals have popped up all over the place, from David Bowie to Angelina Jolie and Ani DiFranco. I think that the gay and lesbian community is among the least tolerant of bisexuality, many homosexuals have gone through a serious identity struggle and they can't accept this "halfway" homosexuality. Are we the queer of the queer? Bisexuals aren't people who can't make up their mind in the same way that people who like both blondes and brunettes aren't called indecisive. Sexual orientation used to be a black and white thing, you were either gay or you were straight. During the 40's, Kinsey came up with a sliding scale of sexuality. Suddenly, you could be somewhere in between, like a percentage. If that wasn't enough, in the 70's Klien made things even more complicated with a multi-dimensional grid. Now your sexuality ends up looking like the Nasdaq graph on a bad day! But even up until the late 70's, there wasn't a single book written on bisexuality. It's come a long way in the last 20 years.

Sexuality has been an important part of me for as long as I can remember. Recently in a class, we were asked to think about the one thing that no one could take away from you, no matter who whey were or what you were offered. This had to be the one thing that defined your identity

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