I Am Gabriel Ugliano, The Son Of A Dad

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I am Gabriel Ugliano, the son of a dad that is never around and a mother that died giving birth to me. My mother had died before I could even have a happy and memorable moment with her. The only way for me to remember how my mother looked like was by looking at the photographs that my dad took a picture of. My father also had paintings drawn of her. He was the most known painter in all of Transylvania, because all of his paintings looks like they were all moving and real. However, to get a painting of yourself to be painted by my father, it would cost a fortune and it had to take pace at our home at night time.I only see him at night time and whenever I saw him at daytime, he would either be in his room or his office. The last time that I can remember about us paying around like father and son, it was when I was five years old and that was like...SEVEN YEARS AGO!
I am currently getting ready to go to a school called Clashing Sides. I only have dark clothing since I am used being in only shadows. The only places that my dad EVER goes to were dark and gloomy places. I decided to wear a dark blue T-Shirt with matching pants and shoes. Once I was ready, I waited for my dad at the garage but not before grabbing some snacks on the way to the garage. I didn’t really trust the school’s lunches so I had my dad’s maid to make me home lunch that contained red drinks and a ham sandwich with lots of ketchup. By the time my dad was ready, I was almost late for class, but luckily my dad…
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