I Am My Am Mike

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I am Mike. I am 15 years old and my parents just got divorced. My father didn’t want to claim me and my mom didn’t want to take on the work of taking care of me by herself. So my parents went to court and they got divorced. My mom moved to California and my dad moved to New York. My grandparents claimed me and took me to their home in England. Since I moved to the UK, I had to go to a new school. My grandparents, Larry and Michelle, told me that I would go to an academy 30 minutes away when there was one that was only five minutes away. I felt a little vexed that I was forced to go to a school that was farther away when there was one so close. But I followed their orders. Since I moved to my grandparents house in September, school just started. My grandparents told me to pack my luggage with clothes. I asked why and Larry said, “ The school you are going to is a boarding school.” When I heard him say this, I was shocked. I wasn 't expecting to live at my school that was only 30 minutes away from my grandparents house. But again I didn’t argue because I didn’t know what they would do and I didn’t want to know. Therefore, I packed my belongings as I thought about the boarding school. I had many thoughts like what if my grandparents don’t want to take care of me and they just wanted me to stay at school, and why does their house look so ugly. The bedroom I was in had pictures of old people and the bed sheets had blood stains on them… After I looked at the blood stains I became

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