I Am Taking Care Of A Medical Student

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I was taking care of Salma bibi, a 70-year-old woman during my third year clinical rotations in internal medicine. She came from rural areas of Sindh and could barely speak Urdu. While I was talking to her I was also combing her hair with my fingers to make her comfortable and listening to what she had to say. While this had been my habit to comfort my patients, that day I realized that this simple act was very effectual. This affectionate touch was more powerful than words. I could feel the immediate bond and how patients would hold my hands and wait for me to come to them each morning. That day I realized that medicine is nothing but a pure form of service. The satisfaction I felt when my patients left the hospital happy and smiling was my paycheck. While as a medical student, it was an idealistic thinking but I am glad that has been my core philosophy from that point on. While rotating through my third year clinical clerk ships, I was drawn towards internal medicine as being the most rewarding and fulfilling career course for me. My professional interest in medicine sprang from my family 's roots in medicine. As a child, I used to tag along with my parents, both being dedicated physicians, to a rural health center where they worked tirelessly to manage medical issues of a diverse patient population. Their dedication to patient care ingrained in me a profound sense of social responsibility towards community service and the same passion drove me to choose the noble
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