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Situation Analysis
The intended audience of this essay will be my course instructor, Professor Julia Brinson as well as my classmates. I am writing this essay for my ENG 111 online course I am taking through Ivy Tech. I will be writing about a story that my classmates not only have access to but might also write about, giving them a chance to be familiar with the topic. However, if they are not familiar with the specific story, the are familiar with the message or concept expressed. This topic is relevant in a time like right now, but also almost any time because it’s always a social difficulty somewhere in the world. What I want to accomplish with my essay includes showing the underlying message of a story that some people might miss. I also think it is an important message that people who are much more fortunate than others, should learn. I am using a formal academic manuscript as my medium.

In my essay I will be summarizing a short story I read as well as giving my own response with what I took from this reading. There is always something to read about a less fortunate person becoming extremely successful, but does that mean every person who is considered less fortunate, really have the same opportunity? I think this is an important topic between poverty and the wealthy groups that are in the world every day.
“The Lesson” is a short story written by Toni Cade Bambara from the perspective of a young and poor adolescent. The story is written just

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