I Am The Ideal Candidate For The Mayo Physicians Of Tomorrow Program

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I am the ideal candidate for the Mayo Physicians of Tomorrow Program because of my unique perspective on medicine because of my diagnosis, my unusual experiences and subsequent trainings, and my desire for an unfiltered exposure to the medical field. My perspective has ignited the passion that I feel toward medicine and affirmed my conviction that I will be a physician. This program offers an exceptional opportunity for me to further research, understand, and embrace my dream. Additionally, the program has the added potential benefits of endowing me with skills, experiences, and the medical school application aid that will drive me to serve and help others, much like I needed it years ago.
My interest in medicine began with my diagnosis of
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After a diagnosis, the hardest thing, in my opinion, is dealing with how you view and identify yourself. You slowly start to take things from your self – your smile, your laughter, and your love – all because you start to believe that the diagnosis given to you is all that you are, and no more. You start to identify yourself as only the disease. With all these thoughts consuming my mind, I found my physician standing faithfully by my side. She made me realize that my disease was manageable and treatable. She explained my disease to me, by showing me how to manage it, by offering me unyielding support and encouragement, by showing to me that I was not alone, and by making me see that I was more than the disease. She made me recognize that I am more than just a disease; I am human. It was her actions and answers that kindled my interest in medicine and improving patient care.
In an effort to humanize a condition that touches thousands, I explored my options to get involved with organizations that gave back to people, and to further explore my disease and medicine itself. I began by joining the American Diabetes Association (ADA) as a Youth Leadership Chairperson. In this organization, I spearheaded a collaborative effort to increase the funding for the ADA and awareness for Diabetes through countless projects such as the B.A.D. Ride, Tour de Cure, and Walk for Diabetes. Besides fundraising, I took charge
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