I Am Tom Shadyac Analysis

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‘I AM’:

In the film “I AM” Tom Shadyac explores the idea “what is wrong with our world? What can we do about it?” This can be connected to political and sociocultural aspects of our lives in Australia, and the World. The film places great emphasis on interconnectivity and community, and talks about it as the key to saving our planet. The film states that sympathy is the strongest element of humanity and it is in human nature to feel sympathy for those less fortunate. This is linked back to Humanity’ s spiritual and religious connection with themselves and others. Society is and always has been, a community and this community has always been ever changing with different leaders, contributors and ways of socialising. Tom told a story of a tribe …show more content…

The sources, when analysed carefully, displayed links between religion and spirituality and how they affect political and sociocultural aspects of life in Australia. Genesis and Laudato Si both had deep religious connections to politics and socioculturalism for Australians, while “I AM” explored more of the spiritual side. “I AM” explored more spiritual connections with the Earth and the world around us, while also exploring the past and present aspects of society. Laudato Si best linked politics to both natural and social ecology. As a Geopolitical leader of the world the Pope offered in-depth insights and solutions to issues in natural environments and social environments, that could all contribute to a healthy and sustainable plant and society. Genesis, as it was written long ago was centred more around religion, but spiritual connections and influences to politics and socio cultural aspects of Australian life could be found. Genesis best linked Religion and Politics to current life, as it was really the beginning of a community and a society, therefore linking back to politics. All of the sources talk about and explore the spiritual and social interconnectivity of humanity and link this back to God and Religion. They all talk about community and all essentially lead back to the fact that society should bind closer together, and as a close-knit community that is connected spiritually the problem’s the Earth faces can slowly be

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