I Ask Going Into The Kitchen

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“Coffee?" I ask going into the kitchen.
"Yes please." Qiana, my roommate, replies.
I get the coffee brewing and head back into the living room. I see Qiana at the sofa with her laptop open trying to study. Her hair is in a bun with messy brown strands shoot out from every angle. Her eyes give a gray blue feel, the color of her worn out Disney world sweater.
I was about to sit next to her when the brewer beeped. It was alarming, telling me to hurry. Our coffee brewer has two slots which makes it faster than putting one cup at a time. I took both out, a white one with cat whiskers on top and another with pixelated characters, all wearing different sets of clothing. I add the sugar and cream on mine, turning the coffee from a dark black color
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You wouldn’t understand Brin.”
Once she said that my mouth opened. No noise came out. I was speechless. Did she not know my father was dead since I was four? Did she not know I had to live my whole life seeing my mother in pain? I knew how hurt she felt like for 15 years, but I decided to stay quiet.
“You are right.” I say looking straight into her eyes. I felt tears as I thought of that moment I saw my mother crying. “I wouldn’t know. You should go, be with your father as he is still alive. Make sure he is fine; but I still don’t get why you want to drop out. Once your father is healthy you can co-“
“But what if my father doesn’t!?” She yelled. She went into my arms crying, as felt my shoulder get moist from her tears and my cheeks get wet from mine.
It was a few minutes until she got herself together. I grabbed her shoulders and made her look at me. Her face was red and puffed. “Q, drop out of college. Go home with your family and stay with them as long as you need to. Just promise me something.”
“We cannot lose touch. Please make sure we talk every day, and I am able to go see you nice and healthy anytime I can come over. Promise me that Q, please.” The last time someone made a promise to me was when I was four, when my father promised me he would come to my recital.
“Okay. I guess tomorrow I’ll go the counselor to tell them, and I think I will be out by the evening.” She got up and
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