I Believe There Is Enough Documentation In Place.Based

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I believe there is enough documentation in place. Based on the information presented and listed the next step in the process would be suspension for Jeanette Landis. Furthermore, the following steps were listed to be taken in response to the disciplinary policy such as if Jeanette continues to violate policy despite being informed and instructed of corrective actions or steps being presented to her then discipline should become more severe. Therefore, a practice of progressive discipline must take place. With a progressive discipline approach program it entails 1. a verbal warning, 2. next a written warning copied to supervisors file, 3. following a written warning copied to HR file, following suspension or demotion, and 4. lastly…show more content…
Termination from your job would be the final step of this process” (Koparde, 2016, p.1 ). Usually progressive discipline steps consist of verbal warning, written warning, suspension and discharge. Furthermore, it 's imperative to have language on her right, as an employee, to appeal decisions made by the employer. In addition to this, she would have found language that says that all discipline or discharge should be for “just cause.” Standards of just cause are met when an employer terminates an employee only for poor performance, neglect of duty, an act of dishonesty or insubordination, or because the company needs to eliminate the employee’s position. The standard of just cause provides important protections against unfair termination and other forms of inappropriate workplace discipline (Koparde, 2016). In addition, Anderson and Pulich (2001) acknowledged that, there are usually four stages in a progressive discipline process. The following stages are listed. Stage 1: Oral warning: The supervisor meets with the employee to notify him or her that a problem exists. (Note: Supervisors should first check with their human resource departments to ascertain whether or not the employee is entitled to union or some other
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