I Can Hear The Bells

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I Can Hear the Bells Marriage – a beautiful life-long commitment that is supposed to be with one person, unless you live in a completely encouraged polygamist society. In More’s Utopia, marriage is quite common and considered a very serious ordeal, but in Montaigne’s land of the Cannibals in Brazil, marriage is not just a sacred vow but a symbol of power and valor based on the amount of wives a man possesses. Should marriage be one man and one woman, or should it be one man with multiple women who encourage their husbands to obtain more? In this paper I argue that the system of marriage in Utopia outshines the practice of marriage in the land of the Cannibals because of Utopia’s practice of the true purpose of marriage and equality. Montaigne, being a religious and married man, came up with a very new and intriguing way of how marriage could work. In 1557, these ideas would have been scoffed at and seen as immoral, but in the land that Montaigne created, this arrangement would make sense. Montaigne describes it as a, “beautiful feature in their marriages” (103). To the Cannibals, it would have been a beautiful feature for in their minds they saw that the more wives that a husband has, the more successful and valorous he is. It also could be that the women believe that their husbands honor is what determines theirs, and the better that the husband looks with more wives, the more honor it seems that the wives have. This ‘beautiful feature,’ however, could cause

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