The Controversy Of Laramie, Wyoming

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Laramie, Wyoming is known as a mostly conservative, republican party majority, which is why there were no hate crime laws that had to deal with sexual orientation or gender identity. Republicans typically were Christians meaning they were against homosexuality and believed it was very wrong. The Laramie officials did not pass any law for about ten years, which showed the Laramie community that their own government did not approve of homosexuals. The government in Laramie is a major influence on a citizen’s political opinion and how they feel on certain topics like homosexuality. If the government does not show approval, how will the citizens of Laramie gain a major acceptance towards homosexuals? Even the governor of Wyoming did not…show more content…
This bill “was called Resolution Seventeen, a bill defining marriage in Wyoming as being exclusively between a man and woman” (Kaufman 163). Connolly passionately fought against such a piece of legislation arguing homosexuals should be able to be able to marry as well. This did not go as well since the Laramie legislation consisted of mainly conservative republicans refusing to allow anything, but the traditional style of marriage. Republicans argue, ”since the beginning of civilization, in every known society, governments have recognized a marriage between a man and a woman because it provides the next generation outstanding citizens and is the only means of melding two sexes into a stronger and more complete whole” (Kaufman 164). This political party is very strict to their views and use history to show how a traditional marriage is the only logical way to continue a working society. Republican believe since homosexuals are unable to reproduce, they are unwilling to have a functional family, which is why they do not agree with same-sex marriage. Since the republicans did not pass this bill same-sex marriage is still currently today illegal in Wyoming. By not passing this bill in Laramie this shows that there is still ignorance throughout both the town of Laramie, the state of Wyoming, and the country of the United States of America. This ignorance will continue to roam throughout Laramie until change happens fully accepting all homosexuals as equal members of the

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