I Could See The Jungle Gyms Glistening In The Sunlight

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I could see the jungle gyms glistening in the sunlight through the classroom window. In a few moments, I would have been able to dash out and meet my friend by the one that resembled a partial sphere to play. This was not the case. “You have to stay in for recess to finish your story!”, snapped my detestable teacher, as I was about to leave. Not wanting to get in trouble, I sat down without a word and continued to write. Earlier in the week an assignment was given to write a story including woods, a barn, and a bumblebee. As I began to compose the story, the bees became personified and acted as the main characters. The idea was that the bees had to travel through the woods in order to attend a party being held in a barn. Over the …show more content…

It seemed like an hour had passed by the time she got around to me, even though it was only four or five minutes at most.
The paper hit the desk. I looked at the top.
My ego was shattered.
Enclosed in a red sloppy circle was the number two.
I scowled. “How in the world did I get a two?” I thought to myself. I turned my head, and peered at the paper belonging to the kid sitting next to me. He had written no more than a quarter of a page, and received a three. This deepened my anger. I managed to hold back tears until I got home.
I entered my house, and ran to my room slamming the door behind me. Through my watery eyes, I read through my story and found no comments. I tore the papers in half, crumpled them, and threw them in the trash.
I never found out why I received a two.
Before this incident I found writing quite enjoyable. I often wrote out scripts that my friends and I would act out, or write short stories about made up events.
After this incident I found writing quite unpleasant. I often tried to avoid writing fiction or personal material in school, and rarely wrote outside of school.
Throughout the years I began to write more as it became pleasant for me to write out ideas. However, I guarded all of my writing as if it were top secret government files so no one would read them. Almost everything was written on whiteboards and organized, then erased after the work was memorized if wanted or forgotten if it was not very

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