I Don 't Know About A Lawn That Had Suffered The Worst Of Winter

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In Aisle Fourteen Lillian sat on her porch that overlooked a lawn that had suffered the worst of winter. The grass was still wilting, and the flowers her mother had tried to grow were still hidden underneath the mounds of soil somewhere. The sun, however, glowed with all of its glory and gleam, its rays seemingly touching each end of the earth. The impossibly blue sky was clear of any evidence that clouds had trailed that same sky. Lillian gazed straight ahead on a wooden rocking chair, every so often rocking it backward and letting it swing her forward again, the motion providing her some comfort. Some. “Lillian, do you want some coffee?” her mother inquired from inside the house. Lillian stopped her rocking chair mid swing. “I……show more content…
Bitter. Very bitter. Setting the mug on the table beside her, she crossed her arms and let her eyes wander upon the scene before her again. “So, how about that shopping spree?” her mother asked. “I’ve still got a shirt I need to return to the mall from two summers ago, anyhow.” “I think I just want to be alone right now, thanks.” Her mother looked unconvinced, but left her alone all the same. As Lillian’s mother’s figure receded from view, Lillian couldn’t help but think if perhaps her mother was right. What was she doing, wasting away in this rocking chair anyway? And if she stared at the lawn any longer, Lillian was certain that her eyes would never blink again. Or she might just remain in that same sitting position forever, staring perpetually out into the pit of her own despair. “Wait.” The receding footsteps halted. “I’ll go, I guess. I mean, there’s nothing else out here for me to do,” Lillian reasoned. Though she couldn’t see her mother smile, she could hear it in her voice when she said, “Then I guess I’ll go look for that shirt.” *** Lillian understood why her mother needed to return the shirt; she just couldn’t understand why she’d bought it in the first place. The collar of the red shirt was embellished with wooden beads and felt flowers while the hem was laced with a golden thread. In truth, Lillian wouldn’t have been surprised if someone had arbitrarily put together miscellaneous items they found
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