I Get Into So Much Trouble Just By Walking

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Qualitative Researchers In Introduction
Fatimah Almahdi
Amy Petersen

Michael’s Story: “I get into so much trouble just by walking”: Narrative Knowing and Life at the Intersections of Learning Disability, Race, and Class
The purpose of the article’s introduction is to highlight the challenges that students from minority go through in special education schools. Linking his personal experiences as a former special educator, Connor strives to explore the intersection of learning disability, race, and class. The author collected data by conducting interviews with a participant researcher to get his side of the story. Connor planned to compare his LDs experiences with his own.
Valuing Narrative
Connor opted to use a narrative as a means of expression since most people understand issues better when they are conveyed as a narrated story. Michael, the participant researcher, narrates the discrimination he went through during his time in school. Being a student with a learning disability, he was segregated from the other “normal” students, and they always taunted him because of his condition. The fact that he is black, physically challenged and comes from a working class background makes him feel less entitled to receiving a decent college education (Connor, 2006). His situation that even in the education sector, the playing field is not fair as far as minority groups are concerned.
Choosing poetry
Connor elects to present his findings in the form

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