I Got A Call From My Best Friend

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On February fifteenth, 2015, I got a call from my best friend, Mya.
“Hey Serena!” she warmly greeted me. “How would you like to go to sleep away camp with me this summer?”
I thought that sleep away camp with my best friend since diapers would be an amazing experience.
“I’d love to!” I replied.
Mya and I spent the whole afternoon researching sleep away camps, trying to find the right one. Finally, we found the seemingly perfect one week camp, Camp Lohikan. It had a wide variety of interesting activities, such as quad riding, jet skiing, archery, bungee jumping, horseback, theater, the list goes on and on. To our excitement, both of our parents agreed to send us to the camp together. They even requested that we be put into the same cabin. From that day, the countdown began; only one hundred eighty seven days until camp. Almost everyday, I would wake up to find a text from Mya reading,
“Can’t wait until Lohikan!” to which I would reply,
“Me too!”
Finally, the week before camp approached. I, however, was no longer excited for camp, In fact, I was dreading the day that I had to leave for camp. This feeling was mostly because I was nervous. What if the food is gross? What if my cabin mates are rude? What if my counselor is rude? What if I get homesick? I thought. At one point I became super dramatic and asked myself, What if I die? Everyday when Mya called, however, I always told her that I couldn’t wait for camp. On August twenty-first, the first day of camp had

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