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I started writing this when I applied to be in YLA, I had an entire page and a half essay. As I reread what I had written the previous year I realized that none of what I said was actually me, it was simply what I thought at the time was what you wanted to hear. After spending another summer at BCH I was introduced to new people, ideas and places that impacted what I now believe. Growing up I went to atrium every Sunday, I’d sit on the small cushions they provided and listen to all these stories about the creation of the world, angles, a man being crucified, burning bushes, God’s calling and so much more. At the time I had no idea what it meant to have faith or a God, I’d think nothing of what I’d learned and believe them to be just …show more content…

I was one of the “older” kids and didn’t have many friends, or trusted adults within the church, this added to my decline in attendance. I finally entered atrium three when I entered middle school. This was a big deal for me because I was now with all the older kids and was able to join the youth group. After a few weeks of attendance I saw myself getting into a lot of trouble for being disruptive during bible studies. I was forced to sit next to the teacher which was something I was not to happy about. Due to these mishaps I looked for a way out. I became an acolyte my first year of atrium three. At first it was my scapegoat to getting out of sitting in awkward silence and troublemaking. What I didn 't realize until later on is that it opened my mind and make me think differently. Kids that attended atrium missed the first three quarters of the church service and would usually arrive right before communion. By becoming an acolyte I was able to attend the entire service, the part that really had an impact on me, especially as I grew older and understood more ,was the sermon. After the gospel reading I’d return my torch and eagerly sit down to hear the sermon. My priest, I’ve noticed ties his sermons a lot to the biblical lessons but he also incorporates modern day issues that pertained to the lesson. I felt like the incorporation of modern events and news was what allowed me to critically think, reflect upon and most of the time understand the things that

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