I Have A Dream Speech Essay

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The speech that Martin Luther King Jr. gave on April 3rd 1968 was one of the best speeches I have heard from him. His speech, “I have a Dream” is the speech that I like the most and “I’ve been to the Mountain top” is his second best in my opinion. I think it is a very good speech because of the stuff he says in it and how he says it. I relate to his speech in a bunch of different areas and I think he has a bunch of strong points that helps convince people to agree with him. Some of the keys things that he said that I relate to the most are when he talked about the blacks need to keep fighting. I think if you want something bad enough and you keeping fighting and striving for it then you will eventually get it and reach your goal. I was always taught if you’re going to do something do your very best and the results will come out in your favor most of the time but not all the time. He also talked about how it is everyone’s responsibility to watch out for eachother. I think that is a very true statement because this is a very crude and corrupt world and it we don’t have each other then who do we really have. One of the main points of the speech was that blacks of America cannot give up and they need to come together and keep fighting (Dr. Martin Luther King, 1968). I think that is true for today too but not one hundred percent true. I think in today's society the blacks and whites need to come together and become united. The world would be a whole lot become if

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