Society 's Benefits Of Society

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According to Dr. Beller, culture of a society affects the behavior and the society of individual members. Also, he stated that all people need to be equally treated as human beings; we should not relate our perspective by treating other people based on race, gender, and sex. For instance, white and black people have very different group identities; for example, some white people always see themselves above others and believe that they always have an advantage which benefits them. If we look at many black people, most do not get as much benefit as white people do. Society’s benefits are for many of society’s benefit are more likely denied for black people. Moreover, racism is still around and takes on more negative meaning as “white pride” and makes some white people still be narrow minded and think they are superior. He said that, we should not put ourselves on the top and think about how each of us is the only person in the world instead of sharing the world with others. It is always about us, as long as we have the opportunity to get an advantage; if we do not care about others, it creates an immoral disadvantage for others based on race, gender or other anything that makes others uncomfortable. As he stated , “I see myself as white American, a man, a husband, and father, it would be wrong for me to fail to publicly acknowledge and reject the Bigotry” Also, denying an opportunity to others is another form of racism. The whole group does not have the same soul;
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