I Have A Dream and the Civil Rights of African Americans

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Through the years of history we find ourselves wondering how the colored people first got their freedom from the whites and how they stopped the racial segregation. There was one important man in history, which helped us see the hope to win the freedom for the colored people. Martin Luther King was a Civil Rights Activists, he who had a dream one day to free the colored people from the whites and to change the outlook on how people see the colored, he also had a dream of every man is born and created equally despite the different skin colors. The man who once said: “I Have a Dream Today”(3) has proven his dream to help the rest of us live out our lives with equal rights and the same amount of freedom equally for everyone despite the color of skin that we were born with. He was the only person along with Rosa Parks to stop the racial segregation not just in one country but around the world, they have both given history the meaning along with many others who have helped changed the world for the better. I Have a Dream speech on this day sometime in March in Washington is known as the single most important Civil Rights rally in history. It served as a sign to the Civil Rights act of 1964 and the Voting Rights act of 1965. Martin Luther King was shot and killed when he was 39 by a man named James Earl Ray on April 4, 1968. About two hundred thousand people marched at his funeral march. Dr. King’s speech did not comprehend any politics or detailed plans or programs of any sort,
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