I Have Gone At Camp

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At the end of every night of church camp, there is a campfire. Your sit around it with all of your friends as you become mesmerized by looking out in the night sky at millions of stars, and listening to the crackling of the fire. You become content as time stops. For that short hour every night the world is telling you that everything will be ok, just breathe. Then you realize what is right in front of you.
I have gone to camp for nine years now and this past year on July 1st, 2015 the campfire changed my life.
This year at camp instead of being a camper my best friend Julia and I decided that we were going to help cook for camp. This gave us the opportunity to go to camp, and make a little bit of money to save up for college.
It was dark by time we got out of the kitchen and we went and got our coats and headed down to the campfire. We saw our friends Kent and Brody. They saved us a seat in the front row, so we ran down and sat beside them. Once everyone was there we started by singing songs. These songs were not normal. We sang loud to the “King of Kings and Lord of Lords.” We danced, we sang, and we all had smiles on our faces. Then came the slow songs. We swayed back and forth side by side and sang from the heart. My favorite song we sang was Sanctuary because it was the song where I was thanking the Lord for my life, and where I could think back and see what God has done for me. After we got done singing all of these songs we sat down, got comfortable.
As Hannah, one

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