I Just Love You

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- My soul was burdened by the events that took place in the summer of '12 - I was never a fan of the heat, nor the way the sun rose so early, or how it leaked through my curtains to shine on my face first thing in the morning. My grandfather appreciated all the small thing in life, like how the sun never failed to be bright. One thing in the world that he could count on, one things he was certain would greet him. As long as the grass was green, and the sun was warm everything was alright. Was it because he was old and every day he lived was another blessing? Did he see something far more impressive than a ball of flames? Or was I blind. Or both. Only 12 years old, I was. And the world was a terrible, cold place that thrived on pain. Where parents weren't fit to be guardians, and children could hardly be called kids. It was so evil. It's something you learn with age, that the world isn't ugly. It is those who inhabit it that make it what it is. The world is a mere victim of it's own creation. My grandfather was the greatest man. Deaf from one ear, blind from another eye. He functioned, a hard worker, he was, always looking out for the family, for his kids, and the saddest part is that he never got the thanks he deserved. It hurts to write about him. I am not worthy whatsoever to tell the tale of this man who raised me and watched over me like the angel he is, and the tears in my eyes are just a fragment of the pain he left behind. Missing

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