A Christian Worldview From Counseling Model

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INTRODUCTION Death is inescapable and shows no partiality or distinction. The author had his first encounter with death when he was four years old. About ten years later he would lose his mother to diabetes. Eighteen years later death struck again. He lost his dad to a battle with cancer over the course of four months. This happened two weeks prior to his wedding. Ten months later the author would deal with the deal of his mother-in-law. It is safe to assume that the author is no stranger to death. He has seen many people close to him grieve. He has noticed that everyone grieves differently. He understands the need for God’s grace in the midst of grief to get one through the stages of grief. This paper will attempt to construct a Christian worldview from which counseling model will be developed. An assessment of basic skill will be conducted before bereavement is discussed. This paper seeks to offer some insight into Bereavement and Christian counseling. CHRISTIAN WORLDVIEW AND COUSELING MODEL Developing a Christian Worldview A worldview is a set of assumptions or presuppositions that an individual constructs to answer questions about life. Ones worldview is found at the center of their being. Many compare a worldview to glasses, which provide the lenses through which one views the world. These lenses allow one to answer what Leroy Forelines refers to as “the inescapable questions of life.” Forlines suggests, “It is impossible for us to escape asking such
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