I Like Guys

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I Like Guys The topic of homosexuality has become a constant issue throughout our society for many years. Many people believe that being gay is not acceptable for both religious and moral reasons. Because being gay is not accepted, many homosexuals may feel shame or guilt because of the way they live their everyday lives. This in turn can affect how the person chooses to live their life and it can also affect who the person would like to become. Growing up, David Sedaris struggled to find the common ground between being gay as well as being a normal teenager. He often resorted to the conclusion that you could not be both. Sedaris allows us to see things through his young eyes with his personable short story "I Like Guys". Throughout …show more content…

This story also shows evidence of a young boy trying to find his way throughout life with the skin he was in. Society, at that time, made it extremely difficult for Sedaris to be himself and to feel comfortable expressing his sexuality. Homosexuality was not accepted by any means during the time of Sedaris' youth, which made it difficult for him to express himself as a normal

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