I Never Knew Anything About Henry Highland Garnet

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Until I read this book, I never knew anything about Henry Highland Garnet. When Garnet was in December 23, 1815, he was unfortunately born into slavery. However, at the age of ten, Garnet and his family members decided to escape their lives as slaves. They got themselves approval to attend a funeral, but used this as an excuse to escape Maryland and settle down at New York City. Garnet may have escaped slavery at a young age, but that did not stop him from becoming one of the well respected African abolitionist, minister, educator, and a great public speaker. The author of “Let Your Motto Be Resistance: The Life and Thought of Henry Highland Garnet,” Earl Ofari, illustrates Henry Garnet’s journey to become a man to influence African slaves and free men to fight for freedom and equality. The Garnet family finally settled their lives as freed African Americans in New York City. Unfortunately, their freedom did not last for a long time due to a slave catcher, Colonel Spencer. The Garnet family, except Henry’s sister, Eliza, was captured by Colonel Spencer. Due to this unexpected capture, Henry feared for his life and decided to carry around a knife as a protection from getting captured. Henry’s friends decided to stop his unusual behavior of carrying a weapon and sent him to Smithtown, Long Island, where he no longer had to fear from getting captured by the slave catchers. From that point on, he worked on a farm as a contract laborer. Working on the farm made Henry lose the…
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