The Fourth Of August By Audre Lorde

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The 4th of July is recognized as the historical anniversary of the Declaration of Independence; the day when the British colonist became Americans. With the country’s new independence, the country experienced new freedoms which it never had before. Therefore, when one reads Audre Lorde’s essay “The Fourth of July”, one would think it is about freedom or how the day is represented as a historic anniversary for independence in the United States. However, Lorde described an appalling summer in 1947 that first exposed her to racism, unfair practices, and inequality in the nation’s capital. The United States has always been a predominantly white nation and the introduction of African Americans as slaves exacerbated the integration of African Americans in society after the Emancipation Proclamation. Audre Lorde 's essay explores the meaning of independence by exposing the irony of her trip to Washington, D.C; with specificity and detail, she highlights the contrast between the country 's vague ideas about "Independence" and the daily reality of living in a racist country as a black person. Lorde purposely titled her essay “The Fourth of July” in an effort to reveal her frustrations with racism and censure such a celebration. Lorde wanted to show her frustration after experiencing racism in the capital of the United States. Lorde writes “My parents wouldn’t speak of this injustice…This made me even angrier. My fury was not going to be acknowledged by a like fury.” (242) Lorde

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