I. Problem Definition. 1) Background Information. In South

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I. Problem Definition
1) Background Information In South Korea, social demand for normalization of public education and the burden of private education expenses has been constantly demanding for decades. Recently, government enacted the 「Special Act on the Promotion of Normalization of Public Education and Regulation of Prior Education」. Education policies such as normalization of public education have been promoted for a long time. The major reason for the enactment of such a regulatory law is that Korean society is intensifying competition in education system with the overheated educational passion of the older generation. Such an indiscriminate competition in education has led to the expansion of private tutoring to the extent of
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2) Solutions
a. Problem solving through improvement of the public education system To prevent prior learning, it is need to increase public school hours. Currently, public education in Korea lacks absolute study time in school compared to OECD advanced countries. Expanding the current after-school system to increase elementary school education time gradually reduces the amount of time spent on private education and attracts students into the public education framework. It is the purpose of gradual eradication of private education prior learning by changing the structure of the current public education system.

b. To solve problems by supplementing the bill Any law must be supplemented at the beginning of enforcement. Excessive regulation at unnecessary levels should be relaxed and establish standards such as penalty clauses that are effective. The current law is not effective because the punishment clause is weak and the subject of accusation is unclear. The introduction of a reward system will be a viable solution to this.

c. Solve problems through changes in educational climate Educational climate is a very important factor in education. Korea traditionally acknowledged the authority of the teacher and gave it many powers. However, the current educational climate is such that teachers are not allowed to take responsibility without permission. Efforts to reduce the number of students per teacher and excessive
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