What Does I Saw A Chapel All Of Gold Mean

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I Saw A Chapel All Of Gold, written by William Blake, describes how a church has become corrupted by the serpent, how the serpent destroyed the purity of the church. Blake uses imagery to get some of his points across, and he also talks about bread and wine, referring to the church. The poem at first seems to be referring to the churches struggle against its enemy, but as it continues, it seems to look like a rape, but it could mean that the church is being raped by the devil. In the first stanza, Blake saw his vision, he is showing a colour, the colour of gold. Gold represents value. It is interesting how the author paired up the two verbs weeping and mourning with worshipping. Blake is saying how he saw a chapel of value but no one …show more content…

In the third stanza, Blake is still painting a picture with colors about a certain importance of the church. The serpent goes straight to the alter. The people in church use the alter to worship God. The serpent wants to poison the holy alter which has a special meaning to the church.

In the last stanza Blake writes, "vomiting his poison

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